Why I Quit my Day Job

I've seen people quit work because of missed promotions, bad bosses or colleagues who boiled their blood on a daily basis. But, are any of these legitimate reasons to walk away from a long-term career to pursue your passions?

Then, there's the fact that in this day and age, workplaces are far more flexible; with work from home contracts, part time hours and buy & sell holiday schemes. I mention this because it seems like things are moving in a new direction, much like technology. Less face-to-face interaction and more technology based communication. It's good and bad. Even today though, these opportunities are rarely offered to everyone equally and more-and-more I see this upsetting those who are not part of the 'in gang'.

A very happy full-time blogger.

A very happy full-time blogger.

In all honesty, sure, some of these factors played a part in our decision making process. But, there was a long list of pro's and con's and our decision took over 6 months to make. Not one of these factors was the overriding reason for me walking away from a 5-year career, where I'd reached the top of my game. My reasons were more positive, more considered and far more focused on us and our future.

These are my Top 5 Reasons for quitting my day job, or changing careers, as we prefer to say!

  1. We saved hard so we could do this: We saved up so we will have enough for at least a few years of 'same' lifestyle so I could quit my job without financial fears.
  2. It gives us a better quality of life and more free-time: With me home to focus on my blog, housework and taking care of our puppy, we get our evenings and weekends back. No more long commutes, coming home to cook, clean and crash out; followed by weekends of keeping our home up-together and getting ready for the next working week. Now, we have more time to dedicate to the pursuits we love and most importantly, more time together.
  3. I love, love, LOVE writing our blog: It's true, writing will always be a part of my life. I adore it. I'm a lover of language, from poetry to the root of words to knowing how to pronounce and spell correctly. I'm a true linguaphile, always will be.
  4. Family life: We've not yet been blessed with children. After a lot of questions and tests the experts tell us stress could be playing a major part in this. With me at home, both our lives are so (so!) much less stressful. Hopefully, we optimise our chances. In the meantime, we are adding to our family with a puppy. We've wanted to take care of a doggy for a long time and now it's finally a reality because I'm home to give time, attention and tons of snuggles to our new addition.
  5. Health: Diabetes Type 1 is no walk in the park and with the downloadable statistics my Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM) provides, I get to see the results firsthand.  Let alone the way I feel. Wobbly workday blood-sugars are a country-mile from the stable results of our weekends and holidays. More sleep and less stress makes for better health all round.

I don't resent a single day of my career to date or even the people who challenged me most. Nope, not even the blood boilers! At the time, I'm sure I had some choice words to say, but looking back I'm grateful to these people because I overcame the hurdles they presented.

And this teaches you. It strengthens you. And it gives you a full-set of tools for when similar things happen. My toolkit is now well-stocked and ready to tackle new tasks.

I heard someone use the words 'pestle and mortar' on the radio yesterday when describing a difficult political situation. After a day of contemplating, I wrote this analogy for the team I'm leaving behind. Their jobs are tough and they handle a lot of criticism with the patience of saints.


Don't let them grind you down? I say DO. Because, like spices in a pestle and mortar; though life may pummel you, crush you and wear you down at times, remember this: you will emerge stronger, deepened and more rounded than ever before. So, let them grind you down. The result in you, will be nothing short of miraculous.

Claire x


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