Teething Problems

We collected Jango on Friday morning and he's fast become our beautiful little nightmare. He's so loving, kind-natured and choc-full of beans. This little man follows us everywhere and is always so happy. He's a dream come true.


Except at night. When he turns into doggie devil.


He's having teething problems with separation anxiety and not much seems to work. You would struggle to believe the decibels this little guy throws out all night long. So far we have tried:

  • Ticking clocks
  • Blankets with his Mum's scent
  • T-shirts belonging to us
  • Crate downstairs
  • Crate next to us in the bedroom, covered over
  • Bed safe chew toys
  • Training sleep-time in the crate during the day
  • And finally . . . a pheromone diffuser

The diffuser has worked best so far and gave us about 4 hours uninterrupted sleep last night. Poor Barry was back to work today, so let's hope he can catch some z's on the train!

The other teething problem is the reason why there's not one photo of me and our little Teddy Bear yet.

I had an emergency root canal procedure yesterday. Yikes!

The procedure itself was absolutely painless and a joy to have - would you believe it. I owe this entirely to the most wonderful dentist couple I've ever met, at our local practice. However, I had some very different experiences this weekend with Dentists.

Cue the lists - because I need a little rant over this one. I hope this helps someone else who needs a root canal procedure to seek out the best dentist and not be scared at all.

Dentist 1 - the Emergency Appointment: Appointment Time approx. 20 minutes

  • She was running 35 minutes late.
  • She barely asked me any questions and when she did, she took no time to listen and cut across me several times as I spoke.
  • She made me feel like a hassle from the moment I walked in.
  • She faced away when talking and used complex language so I couldn't understand her. She then sighed when she had to repeat herself in plain English.
  • She smashed my teeth so hard with her metal implement, my whole mouth hurt for hours afterwards. I was very surprised she didn't crack a tooth. The result was, I couldn't pinpoint which tooth was the problem one - which also annoyed her! She also worsened the pain 10 fold.
  • She audibly huffed when I told her I could not take a certain anti-biotic due to a prior allergic reaction.
  • She provided no explanation or reason for her prescription or anything she had done, nor did she suggest it could be a root canal problem at any time.
  • She said there was no infection present, but I should take the antibiotics as a precaution???!!! For what?! Perhaps in case I grew a head which actually understood her.
  • The X-Ray was incredibly painful and made my mouth bleed - she couldn't get the part you bite down on into my mouth without cutting my gums open, even after several attempts. I have never experienced this before and I've had a lot of x-rays in my time!
  • When analysing the x-ray she just said it was inconclusive. After all that!

And so I went home in utter disbelief and more pain than when I arrived. Barry phoned our local Dentist immediately and begged to speak with someone.

I cuddled this little Fella and tried desperately to distance myself from the pain I was in, plus zero sleep and a now swollen face.


Dentist 2 - the Phone Call: Time on Phone approx. 10 minutes

  • He asked in depth questions about the pain I was experiencing.
  • He listened carefully to my answers, in full.
  • He understood tooth pain and being unable to eat with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is a serious and urgent issue - potentially life threatening if I couldn't get any food / drink in.
  • He told me straight away it was likely a root canal problem and needed to be dealt with urgently.
  • He explained in detail why anti-biotics and ibuprofen would be the best thing to get me through the weekend, including a full description of what was going on inside my tooth and why antibiotics would help reduce the infection and the pain.
  • He gave me instructions on how to contact emergency services and get scheduled in sooner, if the pain was so bad I couldn't get food / drink in that day or the next.
  • He booked me in Monday morning - first appointment of the day - with his wife.
  • He spoke plain English.

I swear the placebo effect of this Dentist and his wife alone would be enough to cure a root canal problem! They were flawless.

I visited his wife on Monday morning and this little Chap dropped me off in his new handbag . . . 

And yes, he does sleep a lot even though he won't let us sleep at all right now!

Dentist 3: the Root Canal Procedure: Appointment Time approx. 20 minutes


  • Understood the horrendous pain I had been in, with her opening sentence - the moment I walked in.
  • Understood the seriousness of tooth-infections with T1D.
  • Asked me personal questions about myself and chatted with me about our new puppy; what I do for work and the weather.
  • Asked detailed questions about the pain and listened carefully and fully.
  • Tapped my teeth gently throughout the left-side of my mouth twice over until she located the problem tooth with certainty.
  • Explained the likely cause and full treatment plan and gained my consent to continue.
  • Helped me through every second of it with deep breathing, saying sorry when it hurt and explaining just enough of what she was doing without overloading me.
  • Took time afterwards to explain the future treatments I will need to conclude the root canal. Also explained there is a lot of misinformation on the internet and why people sometimes have bad root canal procedures - because the process is rushed.
  • Scheduled me in urgently for this Wednesday for Part 2, because she didn't want me to have to wait any longer or suffer any more.

Worlds apart. And all in the same time-frame or less than the nightmare Dentist.

It just goes to show; if you have to spend the time anyway, why not choose heal over hurt. This applies to any profession.

Use your words, actions and attitude to make someone's day.


*Not a sponsored post. Affiliate link included for my Doggie Handbag.*