Fantastic Friday

It really is fantastic Friday because last night we slept for the first night in 7. Thank you to our little guy who we're starting to get to grips with now. Puppy secrets to follow in a separate post. We have quite literally used every trick in the book on this one!

My meals this week have been much lower in carbs. I find it easier to control my blood sugar levels when I'm around about 80-100g carbs per day. The only problem I have with this is relentless insomnia. But with this little guy wailing like a banshee all night, it's really not been an issue!

Insomnia is a well known fact of low carb dieting. Especially when you make a sudden drop from high carb to low carb, without easing into it. That would be me then!

Low carb diets can affect your ability to go to sleep / stay asleep, at least in some individuals, for the short term. This great article explains it best.

So for now, I'm increasing a little to around 120g to ease the insomnia and we will see what happens. It's no big deal, because I have to carb count every single bite I eat to tell my insulin pump how much to inject.

Here are some of the meals we've enjoyed this week:

A ham and cheese coleslaw sammie, with tomatoes. Assembled in no time in between puppy play-times.


Bolognaise sans Spaghetti. Served with steamed spinach and cheese over.


Chilli, made from the leftover Bolognaise. So easy to get two or three meals out of one pack of beef. Sometimes, usually in the Winter, we eek it out for one more night and top it with mashed potatoes. Maybe half potato and half cauliflower this year to keep the carbs in check.

This has become a regular breakfast since I'm home now. Omelette, a small piece of toast/bread, rocket and tomatoes. And a large unseen truck load of coffee!


And Coq au Vin.

I'm about halfway through root canal procedures and having to take antibiotics to make sure my sugar levels don't go wild. But today - no more antibiotics. I can't wait for a glass of Friday night wine! I figured Coq au Vin was allowed while taking them though.


Happy Friday to you all. Here's our little Jango, on my favourite comfortable walking sandals, trying to catch some Z's while Mum made breakfast this morning.

Oh and final news is, my Sister-in-Law is currently around 36 hours into labour. So watch this space. I could be an Auntie any moment.

Have a great weekend!