Meeting Baby

Sunday began as all Sunday's should. With an epic breakfast.


Jango woke up and decided he needed a nap, claiming our new footstool as his own. He was way too sweet to move, so I guess this is his now.


And we were off to meet our brand new Nephew, Flynn. Only 9 days old. We were super excited. Here's my Sister-in-Law, Mel and my Big Bro, Mike with their new addition. Best parents a kid could ever wish for, they make such a great team.

This happened on the way over. I'm loving all the coffee drive-thru's popping up in the UK now. I ordered an Almond Milk latte and added my own sweetener, as I sat in the back of the car keeping Jango company. Barry was amazing and drove us all the way there and back on his weekend off work - big thank you Hubby.


A quick car picnic before we headed in. Leftover sausage rolls from yesterday, because I seem to get hungry about every 3 hours and now was the time.


And here he is. Meet my brand new Nephew, Flynn!

So many great cuddles and he was asleep almost the entire time. We did get to see eyes later on.

Uncle Barry cuddles.


I believe there was a cookery show on which stole the guys attention. Probably meat + spice if Barry's face looks like this!

I caught up on the birth story with Mel, which sounded like a sheer endurance challenge. 52 hours plus of pain! So very worth it though - easy for me to say!

And then Auntie Sara and Uncle Mike arrived, so more cuddles commenced. This little guy is going to have a lot of Auntie & Uncle cuddle days coming up.

Uncle Mike, who Baby Flynn seemed very relaxed with (read - nappy filled - loudly)! And we finally saw open eyes.


Barry was looking after our teddy-bear at the end of the garden. Someone had to keep this little man in check as it was his first real trip out.

Sara and Mike brought a giant picnic of M&S food along for us all to share, so we sat outside and enjoyed a veggie feast.

The best table centrepiece ever! The coolest place in this heat seemed to be directly under the parasol.

I tried so hard to get shots of the local airshow for you, but sadly they were just too quick. Or maybe I was too slow?!

I saw them before I heard them and missed the shot every time. So instead, here's a photo of where all the various planes were flying across for you!


Lunchtime snacks. Yummy and much needed.

And so many more Auntie cuddles. I'm coming back to visit very soon for more of these, little Flynn.


We set off for home and, well this happened . . . 


Perhaps this should be one of my 'Scary Shares' posts. But yes, sometimes we cave and grab a burger from a fast food joint. I've definitely mellowed a little on my previous stance on this - which was NEVER in a million years!

McDonald's doesn't exactly fit into my lowish carbohydrate eating plan, but I can make it work every now and again. We were pretty hungry after a very early start (thank you, Jango!) and the drive. 

I logged into McDonalds online App to get the carb content for just a cheeseburger. I usually aim for around 25g carbs per meal top end, so I stretched it a little for this!


Note to McDonald's - and any other food producers out there. Please (please, please!) list the total carb content on your wrappers. With Diabetes, that's the number we use to decide how much insulin to inject / pump. Total sugar is useless. Thank goodness for your App.

I also get really annoyed when food producers list the carb content per 100g, without stating the weight of the individual item. Happens all the time.

I don't carry scales with me! So unless you also state the weight clearly, it's a real pain. For People with Diabetes (PWD's) please list total carb content. It's kinda life / death.

Thank you!


Neat way to check if they really gave you Diet Coke if they forgot to push down the little button on the lid. Or if you are just concerned, like me! Use your blood test meter.

It works great on really 'thin' drinks, but not so great on anything 'thick' like frothy almond milk latte's for example.


And if it's diet - your blood test meter should give you a scary warning that you are about to die. Your drink will read as SUPER low if there's really no sugar in it.

Yes - definitely diet! Phew.

And home sweet home for cuddles with this little fella.

Quick omelette for dinner and we were ready for bed.

And . . .  I made a commitment to start Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I used to do this years ago and could complete Level 1 at high intensity no problems after just a few weeks. I think I'll be there in about 5 days time - right now it's pretty tough!

I've lost about 6 pounds over the past 3-4 weeks. Less carbs always does it for me. That and running round after a new puppy! I have about another stone to lose to reach my personal goal and then if I'm brave enough, I'll post my before and after photos for you.

I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis along with Type 1 Diabetes. Hashimoto's is a fancy name for - my body decided not only to attack my pancreas and leave a dead organ floating around in my body when I was age seven. It figured why not go for the Thyroid too?! I think this, combined with the lack of activity when choosing to sit on my backside all day in an office, lead to quite a bit of weight gain.

Time for a change!


Wish me luck! Enjoy your Monday.

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