Home Overhaul Weekend

I hope you all had great weekends. Ours was certainly action packed and not quite the relaxing one we had planned.

Saturday morning started early with our friendly Tiler arriving to finish the kitchen with these beautiful cream Metro tiles. We decided the bare wall was not great for containing the inevitable grease splashes or general kitchen wear and tear. These are a fantastic solution and were fitted so quickly and perfectly.


I'm on a bit of a minimalism streak right now as the Kitchen looks (and photographs!) so much better without all the appliance clutter. We have a few essentials out now, for daily use. The rest is tucked away in cupboards. The remainder of the house will surely follow, as I finally have Marie Kondo's amazing book on order. Cleaning is so much easier too!

We asked for tiles the whole way round the Kitchen for continuity. They look great under our Coffee Bar.


Thank goodness for Furbo! We picked one of these up in the Amazon Prime sale recently (they are now full price again) and it saved us from Living Room ruin this weekend. It's a pet camera, with sound and treat throwing features. So much fun! 

We decided to venture out to the Supermarket and switched Furbo on. Very soon I received a Bark Alert. I logged in quickly to find Jango had escaped his play pen and was running wild around the Living Room. In our excitement to be going out, neither of us remembered to flick the lock across! Big oops.

We did a quick about-turn and I talked through the speaker to him the whole way back to make sure he didn't chew anything he wasn't supposed to. I must have fired about 100 treats for him inside of 10 minutes. He was fine when we got back and eagerly eating treats from across the carpet. Catastrophe over!


Barry bought me this - my now favourite Coffee Mug. Just Coffee not Tea. I don't like to mix mugs!

Its a great shape and although I wanted pink, it's pretty cute in this turquoise floral, right?


Ooh and new nails. This is my £3 manicure, which I found instructions for on my new You Tube addiction, Vasseur Beauty - check her out. These nails are so easy to apply. I'll let you know how they hold up. Not bad for 30 minutes and a bit of drying time.


Our Living Room began Sunday morning looking like this. Cue the panoramic shots . . .


We decided a fireplace will be a really nice addition. It's always been a Christmas dream of mine to have stockings hanging over the fire, a rug in front and the perfect puppy and cat contentedly snuggled up. The last bit may take some work, but the rest is now do-able!

With the current layout there was nowhere to put a fireplace. So we flipped it . . . 


Which sounds really simple, but actually took all day and a lot of lifting and decision making. The fireplace can now go where the television is currently, with the TV hopefully going over, if the wall can take it. 

The doggy play pen is temporary, until house-training is complete. We thought bookcases going round the corner would look great here, as we love lots of little corner nooks. Like this one, which just needs some artwork now . . . 


And this one in our Family Room, which I'm still not quite settled on. We think an animal print, faux skin rug will work well here and some art behind the Little Professor leather chair.

Back to the Living Room. So Fireplace here. A bigger tray needed for the Living Room table with a really low level, simplistic glass flower vase. Nothing else needed.

And we have a beautiful mirror to go on the wall showing behind the chandelier. The doggy pen will move eventually and a little library wall will fill this corner, giving more storage space and another nook. I need Erin Gates on speed dial right now!

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday.

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