After leaving work last week for good, it was time to get our house in order. When I tell people I spent 20 hours cleaning the house last week, I wonder if they think it was really unclean to begin with! But people often call our house the 'show home' because we are both a little organisation obsessed.

My tidying frenzy started with the freezer; which had reached the point of us being so tired we were just throwing things back in. Arghhhhhh! It's been driving us crazy! 


I pulled everything out on the floor and starting piling up like items together. I had no idea we'd been hoarding freezer pancakes as much as we had.

All the drawers were cleaned. It really helps to do this in 30 degrees of heat because the drawers dry quickly.

All put back in neatly and now we have a freezer where we can find things again. Phew! It is so much nicer to work with.


Also, so much easier on the eye and for food ordering too. I know what we are really running low on now. Definitely not pancakes.

This little freezer clean then started me off on a 20 hour very late spring clean. Over two days! The whole place is absolutely gleaming now as I polished towel rails with metal cleaner, cleaned shower traps with a toothbrush and reorganised inside every drawer and cupboard throughout the house. We feel so at peace now.

We've fallen for some new teas recently too. Barry picked out this beautiful infusion mug for me in Whittard's, with a Cherry Blossom Green Tea. It's delicious, floral and light. I never stew any tea for long as I find they get too bitter. 


Another great one is Oolong Tea. We are trialling a few brands at the moment in our cast iron hobnail teapot and these new mugs which I picked up on Amazon. They are truly beautiful to drink from and go great with oriental dishes.

Food wise - we've been eating a lot of stodge recently so a change is on the horizon. Lower Carb is on the way as we both feel a little bloated. Barry has been off work for the week, while we prep for our new Puppy and we've eaten . . . very well.

Chilli and rice with plenty of cheddar over.


Grilled Cheeses with salads.


Pikelets are so much better than Crumpets in my opinion. I love them topped with poached eggs and butter. 


Bready meals were my go to during the cleaning days. It's been so hot that cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches were ideal. Lots of apple juice to keep myself conscious with all the extra exercise. My blood sugars were 4.6mmol/L or below for the entire 20 hours! It was ridiculous. I even got away with half a giant pizza one night after 12 hours straight of cleaning. Without any blood sugar rises. Anyone with diabetes type 1 will know this is nigh on impossible to do!


More bread! Goodbye old friend, we are disappearing some of the carbs now and feel so much better already. Nothing crazy, just a reduction. More on this in another post soon . . .  

This was freshly baked baguette, topped with dijon and mayonnaise dressing with a splash of lime juice. Avocado, tomato, turkey bacon and plenty of salad leaves.

We had a bread shortage as Ocado did a switch on us for white bread, which we decided not to keep. We are brown / wholemeal fans for the most part. So, we used up the last of the wholemeal freezer bread by dipping it in whisked egg and frying it in butter. Topped with bacon. We had to make sure it wasn't dry somehow!

Stir fry is a great evening meal in this heat. Chicken with lemongrass and ginger with a big bowl of mushroom stir-fry. Served with Oolong tea out in the garden.


Pitta Pizzas are really good. They are fairly low carb compared with most Pizza, except official low carb recipes. I use wholemeal round pittas, top them with pizza sauce and Monterrey Jack Cheddar. Simple and quick Pizza without any blood sugar hassles.

Oh and Cheeseboards! Naturally, our favourite any time of year. Especially out in the garden with plenty of good wine. These have been a regular this week.

At least 4 cheeses. Any less would be a violation of all good Cheeseboard rules.


Plenty of fresh salad and meats.

Hard boiled eggs are great for an added protein hit. And wine, without which the Cheeseboard would not be complete.

Finished with late night Coffee, because we are on holiday after all. 


rnd the Strawberry White Chocolate Lindt Balls are just for show, of course. I couldn't possibly tell you how delicious these are.

Tomorrow is Puppy collection day so I'll post as soon as I can with photos of our little guy and to let you know how he's settling in.

Wishing you all a great week.


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