A Taste of Lyme Regis

We love visiting Lyme Regis for their relaxed way of life, friendly cafe's and the pastries, of course. So, it was on our agenda to get there for a day trip before puppy collection day.

Driving there and back in one day is do-able, but it wouldn't make for an enjoyable time. So instead, we opted for a train ride and then a bus, to hop from Axminster to Lyme. So much easier!


We got up early and walked to catch the train, so we were fairly shattered. But this lady was so tired she literally face-planted the table! We were in hysterics. Never seen anything quite like it.

My blood sugars decided not to play ball all day, so I gave up taking photos of the nightmare happening inside me. The long and short of it:

  • It was set change day, which never goes well and always makes me run high.
  • I felt the extra exercise and heat of the day would counter this, but sadly they didn't.
  • I ran high all morning. Then I spent much of the afternoon having low blood sugars, having to sit and eat Jelly Babies to try and stay conscious and able to walk.
  • I didn't make the best food choices - but it's Lyme and when in Lyme . . . 
  • Since this day-trip, I have dropped a lot of the carbs we've been eating to get things under control - which so far has been working better. Not super low-carb, but around 100g per day is enough for me to get good control, when done correctly.

First stop when we got of the bus was a cuppa tea. The hottest week of the year turned on us and it poured down! We couldn't believe it as we sat shivering in our shorts and t-shirts. It was still pretty warm, but the breeze was cold, so we needed a plan.

The Galley does great food, so we hatched our plan over breakfast.

Bacon Bap for me, but there was no way I could eat all this bread with my blood sugars where they were. I ate about half of the bread. And all the bacon.


Barry had a small Full English, which disappeared in no time. He was grateful he didn't order the large, as it was so filling.

Our plan was in place by the end of brekkie. We decided to hit the charity shops for clothing!


On the way round, we looked at the delicious fresh fudge being made in some of the shops. The smell was heavenly, but with my blood sugars the way they were - no way!


So pretty and so enticing.

These ones looked extra special.


I grabbed an M&S jacket and Fat Face jeans for a whopping total of £10 in one of the charity shops. Barry grabbed a pair of jeans for £5 in the charity shop, then treated himself to a new hoodie to stay warm - from the Fat Face in Lyme.


Barry kindly bought me some nautical flip-flops, as my leather sandals were soaked and definitely not water reistant.

And finally, we picked out a couple of cheap umbrellas to complete our look.



Coffee was so very needed at this point. We were pretty wet and cold and Costa was the first shop we saw. The lady from the charity shop popped in to pick her coffee up and laughed that we hadn't made it very far. Luckily the rain settled down a little after this.

Perfect weather for these guys. We walked around the Harbour, which was strangely quiet given the time of year. No idea why?!


And the famous Lyme Regis Cobb, just about walkable once the rain slowed down.

A kind lady let us know our paper bag was not holding up well. 


And a pit-stop to rescue my blood sugars, which kept crashing since the walk. We haven't seen this place on previous visits so we decided to try out their Crepes.

We ordered two to share. Ham and Cheese with Rocket and Black Pepper.

And strawberry, lemon and sugar. Both were light, fluffy and full of flavour. There were only two-people running the shop and just a couple of tables. They did exceptionally well and made us feel really welcome. Well worth a visit if you get the chance.


Next stop was for Gin & Tonic and a Red Wine for Barry. We were hoping for Olives to pick at, but sadly they didn't have any. Probably for the best given all the food we had eaten and still planned to eat.

I tried the Clotted Cream Gin, because there was no room for a real Cream Tea after the Crepes. I could just about make out a hint of clotted cream, but in all honesty, you would probably need a double shot to get the flavour.

No one sat outside today. One brave couple tried, but they soon retreated back inside.

We walked over to the Pottery next and had a quick look around and watched one of the Potters at work.

And our final pit stop was our favourite Pastie Shop; The Cornish Bakery.

Coffee and Pasties to go. We sipped the Coffee as we waited rather a long time for the bus to arrive. They seemed to be on their own timetable here.

We made it back to Axminster Train Station in plenty of time and sat eating our Pasties until the train came in. The perfect end to an exciting day.


We were exhausted when we got home, and the sun was pitching down. We got the feeling it was only raining in Lyme Regis. Plenty of steps done. Barry's arm not mine!


All we wanted was a shower! I love super-fast, freshen up showers, they're the best kind. Please excuse the no make-up photo. Barry gave me the gifts he'd dashed off to pick up in The Old Forge Fossil Shop in Lyme.

I love this Diplodocus. My favourite Dinosaur. Plus some of the fossils we'd seen when browsing. We were amazed at the number of years old these things are, and there we are holding them in our hands today. Now this is the kind of history kids could get into at School.

The following day we had someone coming to sort out the final snags in our New Build Home. The guy was so helpful and after getting his advice, we've decided to tile our kitchen walls to stop any grease splashes. We love the look of Metro Tiles, so we'll chat with his friend - apparently the best Tiler in Hampshire - and see what he recommends.

The guy completing our snag list has Type 1 Diabetes too! So we had a good chat about diabetes and managing the nightmare it can be sometimes.

And then . . .

The cutest nightmare arrived. Meet Jango!

(Jango after Jango Fett, which is what happens when your Husband is a Star Wars fan.)

This little teddy bear is the most adorable, loving puppy. But boy, does his voice box pack a punch at 1am, 2am, 3am . . . 

We are crate training him and things are slowly getting easier for all of us as he learns where his bed is and how to behave. Puppies are all pretty individual, but no one can prepare you for how shrill puppy cries can be! It's a steady learning process of repetition, but we are getting there. Sorry neighbours!

 More to follow on our little guy soon. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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