Konmari Extreme Declutter

It's been Konmari Method week here and my gosh, it's so much fun!


If you've never heard of the Konmari Method, this is the beautiful little book you need to grab a copy of right now. 

Or simply look up Marie Kondo and see how the magic of her version of organisation can transform your life too. She's such a sweet person.

She suggests you start with clothes. Now we already shifted over 14 car loads full of rubbish before we moved house, around Christmas time. So, I thought this would be pretty easy. In all honesty, there were still quite a few 'joyless' items, with zero spark (read the book!). For the most part though, it was a good few days of learning the art of the most ornate and beautiful clothes folding technique I've ever encountered. And mastered!

Here's how Konmari recommends you start - all items from one category in one place. No organising items by location - big no, no.


 Book at the ready!


It takes a little while to get a feel for the perfect fold. Yes, it sounds strange - but trust me on this, once you start, it's completely addictive and you know when you've completed an amazing fold!

Your clothes will be able to stand up on their own, like this! Each item of clothing is different, so you have to 'feel' for the perfect fold. Your wardrobes and drawers will not only look beautiful, but everything is so, so easy to find and outfit choices are a cinch. You will never go back.

Konmari has specific instructions about clothes which still have labels in. Oops! I found quite a few. Now they are removed they finally feel like they belong. Totally different energy.

My clothes have never looked so pretty! They're like precious book spines all beckoning to be picked up. I had to reorganise this again when I realised colours and fabrics should get lighter towards the right hand side or the back of the drawer. Like an upward arrow makes you feel lighter and happier than a downward one.

Sock drawer before . . . 

During. There were a lot of socks, Barry!

And the finished beauty. How much easier are mornings now? Barry thinks it's amazing! As long as I do the folding.

Someone got a little sleepy from all the folding and sorting. He was great, patient company.

A break for my Keto breakfast. My blood sugars stay so level eating this way. I'm thrilled with my progress and will go into detail when I have more data and food shots for you. Just know that bacon is a staple.

Blood sugars like this are nigh on impossible unless you're doing extreme low carb. At least not in my 31 years with type 1 diabetes. I run between 4.0mmol/L and 5.0mmol/L most of the time now. These levels are in line with (in my experience of testing people - they're actually better than) people without diabetes. I have no reason to stray. The food is delicious, the way I feel - worlds apart.

Let's just say, if you have diabetes you'll know what it's like to have less than zero energy because you look completely normal to everyone else, but on the inside, you've been fighting a relentless battle all day. And no one, but another PWD, will ever truly understand (or care, in all honesty!) how that feels. Those days are now HISTORY!


Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM) is not fantastic at being 100% spot on, but blood tests show I'm in range. I'd guess around 98% of the time now. And that's diabetes. There will always be the odd wrinkle to iron. 

If you do decide to do anything like this and you have type 1 diabetes, please do so under strict supervision, with your Hospital / Doctor on board.


Back to the Japanese Art of tidying . . . 

I'm now working through the Kitchen Konmari style. As well as checking every item truly 'sparks joy', I'm also making sure things are easy to get to, easy to see and easy to put back.

Fridge re-organisation. Barry is a big fan of the fridge door top-shelf now.


So much easier to find things.

Cupboards and larder all cleared out, rubbish and out of dates gone and re-stacked beautifully. Just as much as we need. No more, no less.

I ate this lunch at least 4 days this week so far. It's my favourite Keto Lunch right now. Chicken Sausage, weighed and measured salad of green peppers, celery and Nocarella Olives, mayo and the sharpest of cheddars.


So far, I've donated about 10 bags of books to the charity bins this week, plus three small bags of clothes. This is on top of the 14 car loads we already sent off to other homes before Christmas.

I love tidy! Thank you Konmari :-)

I sense an Ikea trip coming on, as for the remaining items to put away, I need storage boxes. This girl throws her shoe boxes out on arrival! That's one of Marie's top inexpensive storage tips - shoe boxes, but sadly I part with them immediately as I hate clutter with a passion.

I'll keep you posted on shoe storage and diabetes kit storage box decisions.

Wishing you all a Happy Friday for tomorrow.

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