Autumn and Pugaliers are in the Air

Oh, my goodness it took a sharp turn into Autumn this week. On our usual 5:30am get up, yes- utter madness - my car was frozen solid! But it’s still reaching close to 20 degrees in the daytime. Hold on sunshine, hang in there.

My breakfasts are going to need to be warm soon, but in the meantime, my new addiction is below. Banana, thick Organic Greek Yoghurt, the tiniest drizzle of honey (more on that in a moment) and honey roasted cashews. It looks like Autumn in a bowl and it’s so easy, delicious and fulfilling.


This honey is the best I’ve tasted. It’s from bees feeding on wild thyme. Well, all I know is, it’s thick and sweet and perks up my brekkie no end. Which is high praise as I used to be a bit of a honey monster. I even put it in my coffee years ago.

I’ve completely let go of the reigns on low carb eating - and I have so much more energy. And for the most part, meals are veggie filled, with a decent protein portion to keep blood sugars stable and some complex carbs to keep me fuelled and full.


So much food organisation this week. I found the perfect boxes to freeze Barry’s mass burger order. Ocado put his favourite ones on offer every now and again and it pays to stock up.


I was super excited to stumble across these Cardamom Spice Drops. Does anyone else love Cardamom, but hate having to open the pods and grind the seeds every time you use them? These drops are fantastic! 1 drop equates to 4 pods.


I used the Spice Drops to make a big pot of autumnal vegetable stew. This was my batch cook of the week. So easy - basically a lot of tin opening!


I threw in 1 large tin of chickpeas, 2 large tins of kidney beans, 2 large tins of tomatoes, 1 small tin of sweetcorn, a couple of chopped courgettes, 2 small white onions and a small aubergine. For herbs, spices and flavouring I used: 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 4 drops of cardamom, 1 tsp dried basil, fresh garlic - 2 cloves and 1 tbsp tamari sauce.

All frozen and ready for meals in a flash. Because I may be a little distracted for the next few weeks . . .


This little Pugalier is coming to join us this Saturday! A new family addition and Sister for Jango. So exciting.


We’re off to the Midlands Saturday morning, first thing, to collect our little Kiki. You know us, spontaneous and impulsive as ever!

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