Hello, Dr Bernstein

The last two days in diabetes land has looked vastly different. Here's my Continuous Glucose Meter (CGM) results, which if you have diabetes you will understand right away. If not, just know these results are pretty darn great and a level of around 4.6mmol/L would be considered non-diabetic.

The range I set for 'in range' below, was also much tighter than usual. So, my high level is set at 6.5mmol/L and my low at 4.3mmol/L. Prior to this, it was set at high 10mmol/L and low 4.5mmol/L.

To give an idea, my usual results come in at around 7-8mmol/L when taken as an average. My Endocrinologist considers this pretty great control already, but the reality is the high's balance out the lows and can give a good looking, slightly mis-leading average. Static lines when you have T1D are very, very difficult (read - nigh on impossible) to achieve.


The reality has been even better than the results show (I estimate around 98% in range), because a lot of the time my CGM has been a little way off the reality of my finger stick blood tests. I've had just one easy to treat low blood sugar in two days and nothing above a 6.5 mmol/L. Still working on honing my levels even more to achieve a completely static line. As far as possible!

If you've not heard of Dr Richard Bernstein and you're interested, take a look at his Diabetes Solution. The man is a Guru in diabetes world and with good reason. He's been following his Low Carb, High Protein, Moderate Fat diet for decades. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in 1946 and is still complication free and helping thousands of people achieve non-diabetic blood sugar levels, with diabetes - every day.

Let's be honest, his way of eating is absolutely delicious. Not easy to calculate to begin with, but definitely delicious. It takes a lot of weighing, writing down and commitment, but the results and the way I feel are worth it a million times over.

It's not something you can just stray from willy-nilly, at least not without dire blood sugar consequences.

This way of eating is great for diabetes and I'm happily counting every gram of everything! Including lettuce, cheese, bacon...list goes on...and foods someone with diabetes would never usually weigh/factor in. Protein and Carbs are what count on this plan. Every decimal point.


I followed his eating protocol many years ago, so it's a walk in the park this time. I also understand everything he explains in his books now, after a lot of nutrition training and reading.

I'll fill you in on more about my meal plan soon. Right now, I'm in a state of Ketosis (not to be mistaken with Keto-acidosis - which is really bad news for PWD's) and feeling on top of the world.


Below is evidence of Ketosis - a photo of my current Ketostick (I assume this is the singular of Ketostix)?! 

This is a stick PWD's get to pee on (gross, I know) to check for ketone levels, which can be dangerous when accompanied by high blood sugar levels. This would mean ketoacidosis, which I'll get into another time. On a very simple level, ketone bodies in the urine mean my body is now burning fat for fuel and not sugar / carbs.


What matters is - I feel great. I love this style of eating. I'm finding it really easy. And Hubby is supporting me all the way, as he always does. Oh, and he wants in. It's all meat and veggies, so suddenly I have an interested party!

I hope you're all looking forward to your weekends and if you're in the UK - the weather is set to cool off a little. 

Honestly, we're never happy!

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