Organise your Hallway with Ikea's Billy

What an exciting weekend we've had, building Billy's and making our Hallway into a warm, inviting, reception area.

Ikea's Billy (bookcase) series has been going since 1979 and they've sold in their millions. Here's how we organised our Hallway and you can do yours too.

This weekend we (by which I mean, mostly Barry) built 2 Ikea Billy's for our Hallway to provide shoe storage AND another one of those 'nooks' which makes our home feel like a home. I swear, the more nooks we create, the larger the rooms seem.

Here's before we started. Last week, I hauled in an old Billy bookcase from our Garage to see if it would work.


And here's our Hallway now, with the two new Billy's. And one very cute photo-bomb puppy.


They look great and because they are a little industrial/ rustic, they work perfectly in our hallway - which has that kinda feel.

Billy will give you a fantastic amount of space for your shoes. For my shoes, I can fit two pairs per shelf. We used the 40cm wide Billy's. For larger shoes, like Barry's - I would say 1 pair per shelf fits comfortably.


You can pick up this sweet nautical storage baskets from Amazon, affiliate link here. They're great for holding slippers, flip-flops, maybe even umbrellas.


Barry continued the nautical theme with the decor on his shelves.


My side is pink! No surprises there. I used this low level vase, which I bought from Maisons Du Monde a year or so ago. They're a great French Homeware Company. Often worth a look for Interior Design ideas. Be careful though - it's addictive looking at their images. Hours can disappear!

Remember these little hooks from this post?

We bought them to hang tea-towels on to prevent streaks/smears on our Oven. However, they didn't suit the task, as our cupboard doors would open into them.

So instead, we re-purposed them for scarves in our hallway and they look amazing! 

I have a small rail on order for the tea-towels. This way we can double fold them and fit the rail lower down.

We have light-shades ready to go, I'm just waiting for some 'ring reducers' to arrive. Honestly, the strange things you learn while designing your home! The fittings for our lights are pretty tiny so a lot of the standard shades need an extra central ring fitment to reduce the size so they won't drop off. Ring reducers!


Also, we have some clear glass frames with little rope hangers on order. Thank you Amazon - again. Affiliate link included for you.

You could use these too, if you have a nautical / rustic theme going on. We plan to hang them along the edge of Billy you see above. This is visible from our Living Room so it will really finish it off beautifully.

Billy makes things look so cosy from our Kitchen heading out now.

And finally, for practical purposes, you can pick up these perfect Billy sized trays to hold your boots. Purely by chance they happen to be exactly the right size. We preferred the look of them to any of the ones Ikea had on offer.

With a Billy bookcase you can change the level of the shelves any time you like. To start, I decided we'd likely want at least one pair of boots each. Either knee highs (me!) or Wellies when we have to start taking Jango out for walks in the colder months.

These inexpensive plastic Curver baskets are perfect for catching drips / mud and are super-easy to clean.


Plenty of spare space for new shoes . . .

Thank you, once again, Ikea. Billy has created the perfect storage solution for yet another Home.

Get yourself down to Ikea - or order Home Delivery like we did - if you need some simple, inexpensive shoe storage.

I hope you all had a great weekends :-)

*Not a sponsored post. Affiliate links included.*