Changing Things Up

Eating low carb is challenging at times and especially when you feel like something is not quite working for you.

Fast forward 8 weeks into my low carb diet and there are so many pro’s:

  • Better blood sugar control

  • Less concern about low blood sugars

  • Less concern about high blood sugars

  • More security going to sleep

  • Food is pretty darn delicious

However, eating only 30g carbs per day Bernstein style is super-restrictive. It means no fruit, only measured portions of veggies, no starches to mention and I seemed to be eating a lot of artificial sweeteners. By choice, this is certainly not a necessity - but still. I felt I needed them for my sanity.

I started craving - relentless craving, the kind you cannot ignore - strawberries, peanut butter (which I cannot eat because I’m intolerant), oats and houmous. Something was clearly missing! Plus my body just felt - off. Lethargy, upset stomachs, bad skin . . list goes on.

So, while I’m certainly still super low-carb by anyone’s standards, I’m not quite as low carb as a week ago.

I’ve switched to a more Schwarzbein-esque eating style. Google this Endocrinologist if you’ve not heard of her. You won’t be sorry. She has helped a lot of people with diabetes gain fantastic control again. Every time I feel a bit rubbish, I go back to Schwarzbein’s square meal approach and within mere days I’m feeling on top of the world again.

Strawberries are back in! In moderation, of course.


This protein powder, for some reason I felt the need to grab from the shelf, is pretty delicious! Not that Schwarzbein particularly approves protein powders. but when you feel run down, something like this can really be a life-saver. Mixed with cold Almond Milk, yoghurt and some berries, this is a delicious breakfast or snack. And it is zero effort when you’re in a hurry.

Stevia sweetened, this has barely any blood sugar impact as it’s only 2.4g carbs per serving. It actually tastes good too, which is a big bonus!


I’m trialling fruits which have low impact on blood sugars, so grapefruit is on the list for this week. Also berries, plums (intermediate impact) and applesauce worked out really well for breakfast this morning.


Bone Broth is here to stay. I mean it’s delicious and full of minerals, so why not.


I switched back to Almond Milk as I prefer it. Soya seemed to have less carbs in, but we are talking minimal amounts anyway.


I had to overcome this addiction! I had gotten myself addicted to stimulants being so low carb. While I’m only eating 45 grams of carbs now (not much more!) - I have also stopped counting green veggies - so I guess by some counting standards, that tots it up quite a bit more.

Schwarzbein says - if veggies are non-starchy and less than 5g carbs per serving, don’t bother counting. The fibre will help slow them down anyway and to be fair to her, I’ve not had any major spikes eating a moderate amount of non-starchy veggies with each meal.

Back to the caffeine addiction.


Herbal teas are back in. The Christmas one is so delicious and the Bedtime one has become our new pre-bed routine. Love Yogi Teas! I definitely need some more delicious options for this Winter.


I switched the Diet Coke out altogether for plain water and a couple of decaf coffees each day. I have one real coffee somedays as a treat.

These are the BEST decaf out there, and I’ve tried a lot. I love coffee bags for the ease of clean-up - I mean let’s not make work for ourselves people. Coffee machine’s and Aeropresses are all well and good, but I’m really busy! I have a lot to get done each day and cleaning up coffee appliances is not high on my agenda.


These even come in their own individually wrapped packs and they are really great tasting. Yes, you can tell there is something not quite ‘real’ coffee about them, but to be honest, they are delicious in their own right.

Also, they are ‘water method decaffeinated’ - which only the experts truly understand, but we all know it’s supposed to be the best / healthiest / cleanest method out there.


I’m back to the cleanest, most natural sweetener I have in the cupboard. Xylitol doesn’t seem to add a lot of sweetness to coffee, so much as take the bitter away. It’s very subtle.


These sweeteners are also ‘okay’. I don’t mind them in an occasional cup of English Breakfast Tea. They kind of float on top as they dissolve, so don’t be too quick to consume your beverage! And they actually add sweetness, not like the Xylitol, so they work to take the edge off.


I’m sorry but I need chocolate. Daily. And they discontinued my favourite dark chocolate, which was super-low-carb and the most delicious chocolate on planet Earth. Thank you very much, Tesco (#notimpressed).

This Lindt bar, however, is the only one which hits the spot. It is a lot higher carb per square (about 5.5g carbs per piece), but so worth it.


I’m linking you to this Girl’s Instagram Page as I am now hooked on Bibimbap (without the rice, ha!) style bowls. If you need any inspiration, cleanketogirl is the place to look.

We’ve since been eating bowls of deliciousness every night. I’ll post some of our concoctions soon.

I can’t wait to get back into Houmous again!


And this Kimchi literally just arrived at my door on our Ocado food shopping order for the week. Can’t wait to see if this enhances our Bibimbap (minus the rice!) bowls.


And for those who messaged me on Instagram, these are the supplements we take now it’s coming into Autumn. Always a good probiotic, just because.

And a multi-vitamin which doesn’t contain super-high doses of everything. Just a little is more than enough. High Vitamin C wreaks havoc with my blood sugars, so this is a must and the fact these are timed release really helps too.


This little Pickle keeps me super-busy and active. Thanks for improving my blood sugars little guy! He’s growing up so fast. Too fast! Maybe he needs a little brother . . . ?


Sadly, his cat brother does not want to play! He seems more content doing cat yoga on the kitchen floor, while ignoring Jango!


I hope you’re all having a great week and let me know in the comments / on Insta if you have any delicious herbal tea varieties I can try, now the chilly evenings are drawing in.