Keto on the go

Sometimes you just get caught short. It happens. And I like to pre-plan for these occasions, which is about the most ironic thing I can think of!

Dashing around like crazy people (that's us every weekend at the moment) means food takes second place sometimes and it ends up being a 'darn it, we need something NOW' situation.

This Saturday, breakfast was great, but it was waning fast. Low carb Microwave Mug coconut cake and bacon below. Yum!

So, there we are - far from home and both very hungry. We need a low carb feast immediately.

Enter McDonald's.

A quick scan of their website and we saw their nutrition values are published (carbs counted!) and their meals are completely customisable on their in-store screens now.

And there is always a McDonald's somewhere on the open road.


We were dubious to say the least, thinking the order would definitely come out in a bun with fries all over it. I mean who cares really, as long as the meat, cheese and salad is in there somewhere right? The rest can be tossed.

But it was so much better than you could ever imagine . . . 

You go in store and this GIANT customisable screen pops up and we just unticked all the things we didn't want and even better, we could add bacon, mayo and lettuce as extras.

Don't judge me Keto friends, I kept the ketchup. And the mustard. The carb count was super-low even with them left on.


Confirmation and away we went! My McDonalds Keto meal came in at under £2.


If you have diabetes and need to check carb counts, you can use their website to do this and untick what you are / aren't having in the same way.

I couldn't find the extra bacon, lettuce, mayo on there - but I could estimate protein and carb counts for these without any hassle.


And you have yourself a carb and protein count. Thank you McDonald's.


Barry ordered low carb too. Our orders came out with little stickers, in boxes like this.


Truth be told . . . the staff did great, it just took them a little longer than usual. I guess not many people drop the bun and fries with their meals! 

But we still had our food inside about 8 minutes.


McDonald's knives and forks are pretty study too, so these were fab for our keto feasts.

The only disappointment? I guess they could have given out some whole lettuce leaves so we could actually pick the burgers up. Apparently some McDonald's do this and some don't.

It's totally okay eating them with a knife and fork, but a lot of McDonald's stores wrap the burger in lettuce if you go bun-less according to people on Instagram. 


For future instances, we also have these Quest Bars on stand-by now. Not something I wish to eat regularly, but a protein bar can really help if you're super-hungry and nowhere near a decent food source. We grabbed some of these Quest ones in Holland & Barrett this weekend on buy one get one half price. 

We've only tried the Chocolate Chip-Cookie Dough one so far and it's 'okay'. Definitely a protein bar type taste but in a jam, it would be absolutely fine.

Net carbs are actually printed on the pack - such a relief. This is the carbs minus the polyols / sugar alcohols - which don't usually impact blood sugars. As you can see, most of these are just 5g net carbs and a good amount of protein per bar.

As emergency food goes, these are fantastic to have around. Or in my handbag!

The ones I hear the best reports of are the Quest S'mores flavour, so some of those are on order too. Can't wait to try them out - for experimental purposes only, of course.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are enjoying the start to another beautiful September week. Aren't we so lucky with this weather?

Cue thunder and lightning, ha!

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