Oops, We Did it Again!

We awoke this weekend to a deliciously crisp Saturday morning, with a true autumnal chill in the air. I swear the leaves are already starting to turn, teeter and tumble. Saturday was pick up day for our new family member, Kiki. We were so excited!

Breakfast was rapidly eaten and we headed out in search of Kidderminster. Of course we had to stop on the way when we saw The Cornish Bakery at the Services. They serve Union Coffee, which is, in my humble opinion, the best coffee going.

Our coffee cups were filled to the brim and carrot cake had to happen because my blood sugars would not stabilise. That’s my excuse and I’m wholeheartedly sticking to it.

I’m trying some gluten free products out, after some advice from Dr Schwarzbein - more on that in a follow on post soon! This Carrot Cake was real wheat though. Small steps.


We chatted with the breeder about jabs, tablets and microchips. Then this little pickle sat quietly on my lap and slept most of the way home. Nothing like when Jango came home - he screamed the entire way!

Barry gave her a cuddle at the services on the way back. Just so you know these are not my hairy hands!

I slowly introduced her to a few rooms and the garden, while Barry took Jango out for a long walk. Always a good idea to tire them out before introductions. Thank you, Zak George!

It took about an hour of slowly allowing them to get to know each other, under close supervision.

And then they were off gallivanting around the garden together, having a great time with squeaky toys.

And then, after a little bit of collar training, sleep!

With her new best friend, of course.

So many puppy cuddles on Sunday.

They are getting on so well - we’re over the moon. They’re still being supervised at the moment, because they can get pretty overexcited when toys come into play.

I’m sure they both need Jackets now it’s getting so chilly. We will have to find some which fit properly, as this tiny one is almost too small for Kiki already and Jango outgrew it in just a few weeks.

This weekend, I was more grateful than ever to my former self - for doing batch cooking. So easy to grab a dish out, thaw it on the side and warm it through. And continue puppy patrol.

This was the spiced, vegetable bean stew I made last week with Cardamom. So hearty and warming, topped with Tickler - which is a good sharp cheddar.

I’m really craving all those earthy textures and flavours now the weather has shifted.


Well, it’s going to be a busy week for me with Jango & Kiki. Thankfully, play time leads to sleepy-time. And sleepy-time means I can quickly do some photo editing, blogging, cooking, cleaning, or anything else I can squeeze into those shut-eye moments!

Barry and I are slowly eating our way through a lot of the gluten free offerings Ocado have. I’ll do a post in the next few weeks to let you know which ones hit the mark. And which ones hit the trash!

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