Pump Peelz

I'm so excited to write this post about Pump Peelz. Their Patch Peelz have been teetering high on my wish list for a long, long time.

Christmas lists people. Get these on there!

These are my absolute favourite fun patches.

Listed on their site as being suitable for Medtronics, Dexcoms and Omnipods.

Everyone on Insta is wearing these. When you need to wear diabetes gear, gems like this can transform your experience.

So, here are the ones I chose to hold my Dexcom on and make me look super-cool in the process.


I can't wait to wear the ironic doughnut one! Now I'm completely over my carb cravings I can handle it.


They are more papery / thin than others I'm used to, but as it turns out, this is not a bad thing. These are the only adhesive patches I've been able to apply myself, without having to ask Hubby to help out. Sometimes halfway through it going terribly wrong - stubborn cow that I am.

I can stick them, re-position them a little and stick them again with no problems - even on my own upper arms. 


They are fairly easy to peel off their paper backing with false nails on. This is an important one.

Once applied, I would say I get a good 6 or 7 days out of them (exactly as they state on their website) before they start to lift a little at the edges.

That's plenty long enough as I'm usually ready for a new pattern / grossing out a little from the fact it's been there a week.

Removal? Pretty simple. Sometimes they come off really easily without lifting my Dexcom adhesive and no other intervention needed. Other times, I wiggle some scissors underneath and make one cut then peel outwards from the centre. This makes sure Dex stays put.

Overall verdict? I love them and I will continue to peel? Peelz? Patch? Not sure. I will buy more!

If you want to keep the same pattern for more than a week, you could try something like Skintac with them. But let's face it - there are so many to choose from and at around £2 per patch, it's not bad. Tracked delivery to the UK is $6, so depending on exchange rates, also good.

Note to Buyers: Be sure to select the right option when you order - so if they're for a Medtronic, Omnipod or a Dexcom.

Glitters and florals are already winging their way to me!

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