Changing Things Up

Changing Things Up

Eating low carb is challenging at times and especially when you feel like something is not quite working for you.

Fast forward 8 weeks into my low carb diet and there are so many pro’s:

  • Better blood sugar control

  • Less concern about low blood sugars

  • Less concern about high blood sugars

  • More security going to sleep

  • Food is pretty darn delicious

However, eating only 30g carbs per day Bernstein style is super-restrictive. It means no fruit, only measured portions of veggies, no starches to mention and I seemed to be eating a lot of artificial sweeteners. By choice, this is certainly not a necessity - but still. I felt I needed them for my sanity.

I started craving - relentless craving, the kind you cannot ignore - strawberries, peanut butter (which I cannot eat because I’m intolerant), oats and houmous. Something was clearly missing! Plus my body just felt - off. Lethargy, upset stomachs, bad skin . . list goes on.

So, while I am certainly still super low-carb by anyone’s standards, I’m not quite as low carb as a week ago.

I’ve switched to a more Schwarzbein-esque eating style. Google this Endocrinologist if you’ve not heard of her. You won’t be sorry. She has helped a lot of people with diabetes gain fantastic control again. Every time I feel a bit rubbish, I . . .

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How is Keto Going?

How is Keto Going?

I've been following a Ketogenic diet (30g of carbs or less) for 4 weeks now and some of you have asked how I'm getting on and if I plan to stick with this long-term . . .

Well, it's a resounding . . . YES!

Keto is easy, quick and delicious. It looks really naughty on a plate (mostly), which I LOVE - and let's face it, my dearest Keto, you had me at Bacon.

The Benefits

The diabetes control alone is reason enough, but add the soaring energy levels, like I've never experienced in my lifetime with this dis-ease; multiply by how damn taut my body has gotten so fast; and whip that all up with a huge . . .

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