Things I Love Right Now

Another in the 'Things I Love Right Now' series.

These products are ones which save us time, money and hassle. Of course there has to be an interior design one in there and food related one, or it wouldn't be me :-)

I've included links for as many items as possible for you. Here goes . . . 


These are so great and replace those annoying pots where you have to click 4 sides down and hope they still click into place properly.

We use one to keep our teabags fresh and air tight. They have lots of sizes and you can order with / without containers. They're also oven and microwave safe. Oh, and dishwasher safe too - essential! Right now, the size we have is only £1.50.

You can get these on home delivery if you don't mind paying postage.

Check them out on Ikea's site

Update: An Instagram Reader asked me, how do these lids stay on then? I replied it is either suction or magic. We decided magic is probably it!


Don't do this at home - but I'm addicted to picking the container up by the lid! With one cautious hand underneath when done at any height, of course.



These are back out already, which means darker evenings are creeping in. Yikes!

If you're a blogger / photographer you'll know how essential lighting is. These are a great inexpensive way to throw natural light onto your shoot.

Personally, I rarely use a flash as the photos look harsh and false. Normal indoor lighting is also pretty horrific, so that generally gets switched off too. These umbrellas provide subtle daylight and make your photos pop.


They come with bulbs and they're super simple to put together. 

Plus they fold away quickly too. The base is a tripod design.

I have two of these and I mostly shoot with them behind the item I'm taking a shot of, so in front of me with the items between me and the umbrella. Or sometimes off to the side a little. But there are tutorials for placing them all over the place to create different visual effects.

The ones I bought are not available on Amazon now, but these are similar.




These are sold on Amazon as 'Pan Scrapers' but let me tell you, they are good for just about anything stuck on.

We used these to get rid of tiny excess bits of grout / mastic after our tiling was complete. I've also used them to remove debris from the floor after we built our Ikea bookcases. Some kind of sticky label type stuff made it onto our tiles and these were the only way to get it off. They're great for stuck on grime on pans, grill pans, you name it.

Versatile. No damage to anything we've ever used them on. Little cleaning power-bombs!

Potential stocking filler? One which is actually, dare I say it . . . useful?!



Hear me out on this one. I love these stands, but not just for plates . . .

They're great for showing off your artwork. Especially if you and your Hubby painted them yourselves :-)


And perfect if you do happen to have some of Granny's beautiful dinnerware, which you'd like on display.


They're great to have around if you're into interior design and you can get them in a variety of colours too. Link here for the black ones I have.



This is brilliant and so inexpensive considering the use we get out of it.

Wasps, flies, all other manner of curious insects. This is fantastic for putting over your food while it cools or you dash to the fridge for finishing touches.

I will say no more. This is an essential. Link here.


I refuse to call him a dog just yet, even though he's growing up so fast!

This container is great because I hate the puppy food bag being out on display. This way, I can hide it away and keep a good quantity out in something far more presentable.

Love the little hanging scoop it comes with too (RH side of photo). Perfect size.

They make a Cat one too.


I use these every day and they're great for planning just about everything. We write food shopping items down right away. Otherwise, we have those moments of 'what the heck was it we said we needed again?'. No more!

Exercise is scheduled. I tend to do Mono-Exercise at the moment, as it's the only way to get me to commit right now. I suffered with a bit of Keto-Flu recently as I transitioned over to low-carb. All good now.

You could also do what I do and write up plans for each day. I remove tasks as I complete them, which gives me a great sense of achievement. They come with pens and board rubbers too.

Pick these up at Amazon in many different formats. I also have an A3 one which is not split into days, which I use for blog brainstorms.

Links below:

With Days of the Week 1

With Days of the Week 2

A3 Magnetic Board

That's my must haves this time round. I hope you have fun exploring them and I wish you all a very Happy Hump Day.

Roll on weekend. We have a list of Saturday jobs to do this weekend. Electrical jobs which involve turning everything off, hanging things on walls, running cardboard to the recycling centre. A.K.A. - things I would rather not do on my own without Barry!