My Top 5 Favourite Online Reading Places

This is not what a blogger is supposed to do. Linking you away from my page is a big GIANT no, no. I mean I could lose you all forever!

Fast forward to - I’m a risk taker and a sharer of things which work and may benefit others and guess what? I’m doing it. Today, I’m going to share with you my Top 5 favourite places to hang out online.

Some of these are blogs, I realised today, I’ve been reading for over 10 years. Some are newer and in line with my Keto eating style now. And some are pure guilty pleasures.

Here goes and I hope you enjoy these blogs / websites / Instagrams as much as I do on a regular basis:

  1. Kath Eats


I’ve been reading Kath’s Blog for so many years now, she feels like part of our family. Easily over 10 years, through her weight loss, daily food logs, pregnancy, divorce, meeting Thomas, everything Mazen, her wedding and so much more. She writes with beauty, rapture, openness and quite directly at times (which I love!).

Aspiring bloggers, this is the place for you to check out how a long-term blogger holds onto such a huge audience over many years.

Kath creates the perfect balance of food, self, organisation, home . . . and not too preachy advice on nutrition. Instagram is my favourite place to see what she’s up to on a day-to-day basis.

Their baby is also due very soon. So exciting!

2. Kasey Trenum


This is a new hang-out for me, but I’m totally in love with Kasey’s recipes and how she presents them. Barry loves watching them too and we see how much work must go into video editing. They are so fun to watch! A Kasey video happens at least once or twice each weekend in our house.

If you’re Keto then please subscribe, you will be over the moon with what she posts and how regularly a new recipe shows up.

I love the videos on Kasey’s Instagram best of all, because they SHOW what goes into each recipe, which for someone with the attention span I have, is nothing short of miraculous. I mean, I would rather Kasey were here making the food for me . . . but this is a close run second.

We’ve got a lot of Kasey’s recipes ready to try out soon!

*Update: and Kasey just let me know via Instagram her oldest daughter and hubby both have Type 1 Diabetes too, so no wonder her recipes are so fantastic.

3. Six Until Me, Kerri Sparling


In the world of diabetes, Kerri’s is my favourite hangout. Her posts are real. She’s had diabetes about the same time as me, we’re about the same age and we seem to have gone through a lot of the same hysterical diabetes related stuff.

Gritty, heartfelt and as honest as they get. Kerri says it how it is and on more than one occasion, her videos have pulled me out of what’s known as diabetes burnout. That’s basically when diabetes gets on top of you and you fall into a deep and depressive, seemingly inescapable black-hole.

Also on Instagram where loads of fun interactive votes and questions take place.

4. Ryan Ashley Malarkey


Tattoo Queen! I’m an avid Instagram follower and along with countless others (over 937k Instagram followers!) I love Ryan’s artwork. You have to see the tattoos to believe they could even be possible. Honestly mind-blowing that artwork like this can be needled onto skin in such an intricate, detailed and visionary way. This lady has unmatched skill, talent and heart.

Ryan is hugely well-known in the world of tattoos. And is an inspirational, warm and very fun person to boot. She will be at the London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Docks this year at the end of this Month, so a big welcome back to the UK, Ryan!

5. Katey McFarlan Hellman, Chronicles of Frivolity


I’m sure many of you have heard of Katey McFarlan Hellman already. With over 211k followers on Instagram, her work is definitely my guilty pleasure! Guilty because I’m guilty of checking in far more regularly than anyone should and pleasure because, everything this girl creates is simply beautiful. From the ‘clearly that’s Katey’ photos to her immaculate style and taste, prepare to be blown away and almost certainly, you’ll be logging on to see “where did she buy that and . . . can I get one?”

Katey’s wardrobe, home and life are showcased and packaged so eloquently on her blog and social media platforms. It’s clearly her passion and has been for many years. She is a Mummy, Wife, Puppy mamma and almost certainly, with this level of success, a workaholic. She juggles everything perfectly, with style, grace and poise.

So there we have it. My Top 5 online addictions shared.

I hope you have fun checking them out and please comment if you have any I should be looking in on as I am always on the look out for new reads.

And just to say - our central heating kicked in this morning. WTF! Is it really Winter weather already. We hit 5 degrees, so I guess so!

*Not a sponsored post. No affiliate links*