Top 5 Kitchen Organisation Hacks for an Easy Life

I'm pretty sure I'm a type A personality - rigidly organised, sensitive, impatient...yep, it's me! Check out Wiki.

The plus side is, I'm ALWAYS streamlining to find the most effective, easy solutions for day-to-day challenges. And that's why I blog - to share my most fabulous results with you, my readers.

I overhauled our Kitchen recently and the organised-ness (may not be an actual word) has transformed this room into a super-easy, super-quick, super-simple paradise.

We LOVE our Kitchen more than ever now. Not only is it beautifully clean and organised all the time; it also functions to the very best of it's ability for us. Thank you, dearest Kitchen.

Without delay, here are my Top 5 Kitchen Organisation Hacks for you:



Food containers were our personal nightmare because whenever we wanted one, they were buried at the back of a cupboard, with a lid in a different place. They kicked off this organisation hack.

Buy yourself some cheap Baskets, like these (affiliate link) Curver ones and organise everything in your kitchen cupboards.

Here's how we did ours:

1 for Plastic Containers:


1 for lids:


1 for Glassware:


1 for Metals:

1 for slightly random items you use rarely:

1 for everyday items. Ours holds our egg cooking devices.

And that's our main Kitchen Cupboard done!


Our lids are organised large to small, so no matter which base you have, it's super easy to find the lid.


Oils are kept in plastic or ceramic-ware to catch any drips.

Our most used oil holder is lined with kitchen towel for even easier clean-up:

Sandwich Bags even have their own storage, for a quick grab:


And here it all is . . . 


You could place daily essentials within easy reach, like we did with oils, cheese grater etc.:



Ikea, fully and wholeheartedly, thank you. Saucepan lids are a Type A's worst nightmare!

Here's Variera. And say 'Hello' to organised lids!

It fits perfectly in our cupboard and we can even stash rolls of foil, baking paper and cling in there. Plus I use the front rung to hang our silicone Oven Glove from. Perfect and neat!


Which leaves our pans stacked neatly in a drawer with plenty of space.



It had to be:

  1. Easy to access (not inside a cupboard)
  2. Nowhere near the front of our stainless oven - because of the streaks which drive me up the wall!
  3. Hidden as you walk into the Kitchen
  4. Easy to put up - or never going to happen!

Thank you Amazon for this one.

This is self-adhesive (STRONG!) and so easy to put up. I did it myself! I even used a spirit level. And it's hidden around a corner.

It holds our largest tea towel with ease.

And best of all? NO STREAKS on our Oven Door anymore! You can even see my fabulous thermal (hello, Winter!) socks reflecting in there today!



Before - we had EVERY appliance you can think of out on display and our worktops were CLUTTERED to the max.

The toaster, the blender, the air-fryer, the salt & pepper, the fruit bowls, the eggs, the candlestick-maker (joke!) . . . the list goes on and on.

Well, we put it all away! And we will never look back


The Benefits?

  1. Everything is in a cupboard and we know exactly where it is when / if we need it.
  2. Appliances stay cleaner.
  3. Our worktops are SUPER-EASY to wipe down, in their entirety.
  4. The Kitchen looks HUGE!
  5. It stays clean all the time. 
  6. We don't hoard rubbish - we made conscious decisions about what we actually needed to keep and got rid of the rest.

On our main Kitchen surface, this is all that's out.


Other than that, we have our Kettle & Coffee Machine (essential!) on the other side. Hand & dish soap next to the sink. And that's it!


How could I write a post without a nod to my favourite food? Impossible.

I spent 7 hours experimenting with vinegar, baking-soda, water, dish-soap . . . cleaning our oven and the trays. It's now pretty clean, with a chemical clean to follow next time my false nails are up for renewal.

And I want it to stay that way! NEVER AGAIN will I spend 7 hours with my head in an Oven. 

At least, I hope not.

And so now, we cook everything in home-made little foil trays like this:


I just turn up the edges like hems and away we go.

The foil catches everything.

The fat doesn't drip away - but we're doing Keto, so really, fat is not a problem. The food actually tastes better!

Once cooled, just fold the four corners in on the foil and there is literally no clean up.


I double line just in case - so a length of foil underneath too - but so far no spills at all.


And the Bacon? Super crispy and salty, just how we love it! We Oven Bake our Bacon at 200 degrees, it just comes out best this way. Stunning every time and stays crispy if you cook extra too.


And the storage containers? So easy to find now. Bottoms and lids :-)

I hope you enjoy my Hacks and they're useful for your Kitchens at Home. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.

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