Weekend Recap

It's been a crazy one here folks! It wasn't a long weekend days off wise, but it sure felt like one to us.

We didn't waffle in the slightest about Breakfast this weekend! Nope, instead I found a delicious recipe on Instagram for some Keto Waffles, courtesy of Shannon @thebutterandthebacon

Thank you very much, these were beyond delicious.


We're on weekend 2 of patio overhaul at the moment and there's a lot more to follow before the 'after' photos will be ready. Here are a few before and in progress shots. Not us doing the back-breaking work by the way!

We'll start again on the garden next year once this is complete. I see lots of beautiful patio pots and tubs in our future, when we choose the ones we like. Fuss-pots!


Jango is out for walkies now and he LOVES them! He's quickly getting used to being on a leash and starting to enjoy the walks more now he's trained not to pull our arms off.


This finally happened last week. This beautiful body-art (tattoo) was supposed to be completed over a year ago, but sadly the tattoo artist we originally chose didn't work out. Instead, we found a great place in Bournemouth and the artist and shop are both amazing and very communicative.


My comfy chair for 3 hours of needling.

Mid-way through progress shot. I never thought she would be complete inside 3 hours at this stage.


And the final artwork. Only the highlights hurt as they go back over the areas already needled, so really this was only 10 minutes of what I'd call moderate to high intensity pain.

This little lady is starting to heal well already! Exciting.


I also found out how to make Jango do cute head tilts for photos this weekend. You'll never guess . . . 


I have to sing Operatically for him! Works like a charm every time.


I whipped up the most delicious Chicken Stew in the Instant Pot over the weekend. It's probably Keto, but not Bernstein Diabetes Solution 'okay', because there's a tiny amount of Carrot in it. I've been having major blood sugar swings for the last week (see below) so I can't yet say with authority whether such a tiny amount has an impact or not. It was one fairly large carrot split 12 ways, but it is a super-sweet vegetable when you're in super low-carb world.

Next time I'll use Butternut Squash as it's definitely less harsh on blood sugar levels AND a Dr Richard K Bernstein approved food, as I found out today.


Now this baby is back out, there will be some delicious Batch Cooks coming up. I love our Instant Pot pressure cooker. It means meals which should take 5 hours+, are ready in around 30-40 minutes OR LESS. 

Recipe to follow - once perfected.

Think melt in the mouth meat - fast!


This breakfast was also epic, however the Low Carb Bread I'm not so sure about yet.

It's a Supermarket Grab with only 3.8 grams carbs per slice - which seems great. However, the main ingredient is still wholewheat flour and it does seem to spike me a little.

I'll give it another try and see what happens as I also made the big mistake of taking high dose Vitamin C for a week and my blood sugars have sky-rocketed! Completely forgot over 250mg is likely to soar blood sugars.

So either it's the bread, the Vitamin C, the healing tattoo, the general inclusion of a few 'non-Bernstein' foods, or I could be getting ill I guess? Back to the drawing board for me!

Salads are still fair game. But the colder days and nights are creeping in so stew and soup experiments begin this week. Broccoli and Cheese Soup with shredded Ham Hock is high on our Batch Cook trial list.

Does anyone out there following Bernstein make their own Bone Broth? If so, please DM me your top tips! 

I'm more than willing to give it another try this Winter, now we have the Instant Pot. The fairly revolting aromas of bone broth can easily be vented outside! However, freezer space? Bones? Vinegar? Other Bernstein safe ingredients to give it some depth and flavour? General Carb Counts?

This is a freezer staple in the meantime and the best tasting pre-made Chicken Bone Broth we've tried to date.


Wishing you all a fantastical start to your week.

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