Winter Skincare

It's starting to get cooler already and this year, for once, I'm ahead of the game when it comes to Winter Skincare.


Here are some products I've tried out in preparation, together with my honest reviews. 

Diabetes Skincare

Skincare and diabetes go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to taking care of your feet. Cracked heels are not okay when I visit the Hospital for check-ups and they expect my feet to be buffed, soft, polished, beauteous creatures which dance across their clinical rooms.

So, I'm giving this product a whirl. All natural - big bonus and very few ingredients. Just Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Essential Oil of Peppermint. That's it!

Affiliate link on Image below.

Now, I'm not the best at leaving reviews on Amazon, never have been. But when it comes to Skincare Products, even less so. Number one, it takes me ages to decide if something is actually working for me and secondly, I think it's kind of unfair, as what works for me seems to be vastly different for the next person when it comes to skin. It's so individual. My skin is all kinds of combinations at different times.

That said . . . I will continue my review!

The tiny scoop which comes with this foot balm is the sweetest thing ever.


So far? It's really helped. Not an overnight miracle, but my feet have gone from super cracked heels - which the Doctor would chastise me for - to just a little dry / recovering - which may receive a huff and a "keep a eye on them".

I did the whole wearing socks to bed thing, which I hate. They make it to around midnight before I have to kick them off. I feel so - hemmed in.

I also moisturise first with Coconut Oil. I feel like it's thinner so maybe it gets in there first and does some of the work. I'm a long-term Coconut Oil addict.

This Naissance Fractionated Coconut Oil is new for me though, and I love the fact it doesn't smell of coconut. I don't know why - and I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority - but I'm not the biggest fan of a coconut scent.

Main reason I bought it? . . . It's liquid at room temperature - always. Which is a MUST for the Winter.

Affiliate Link for Coconut Oil on Image below

I also hate products where you have to use your hands to get them out. Provide a scoop or make them hygienic and pour-able please manufacturers! Otherwise it is just grim to me.

Also, Coconut Oil is recommended and great for new / healing tattoos. And I use it all over my face and body too.

FACE: I have started using Tea Tree Oil mixed in with the Coconut Oil for my face. I love the eucalyptus-ey scent of tea-tree - there is nothing quite like it. Hubby also loves it - which is a big phew!

First off, I massage the Coconut Oil in all over, including over and around my eyes.

Then, I take 2 drops of neat Tea-Tree Oil - make your own decisions about whether this is wise for your skin or not please - and massage onto the areas which usually get breakouts. 

This is my recent replacement for 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, which I've been using for YEARS! So far, so good and no major breakouts. Which is surprising.

Any pure Tea-Tree Oil seems fine and I have a few kicking around, including a Naissance one, which we also use in our Diffuser in the Winter to keep bugs at bay.

Affiliate link for Diffuser on Image below.

Thyme Oil is also a fabulous aroma for a diffuser. People often think our home smells like something delicious  is cooking! Thyme is supposed to be good for respiratory conditions, which is great for Barry as he had Pneumonia years ago and sometimes colds have a tendency to go to his chest in the colder months.

I'm no essential oil blending expert, but I love these two oils together. Be mindful if you have pets as some oils are not suitable, but as with everything, there are varying reports online on which ones are / aren't. Jango seems fine with the ones we have chosen this year.

Affiliate link for Thyme Oil I use.
Affiliate link for Tea Tree Oil I use.


We also have the most divine smelling scent for our bedroom Diffuser, which I'll provide an Amazon image affiliate link below for.

It's the nicest oil blend I've ever smelled and maybe it is helping with our sleep, as we slept so well these last few nights.

And finally . . .Herbal Tea. Well . . . I'm trying. 


I have developed a slight (!) Diet Coke addiction since going low carb. I love the stuff. 

So, today I'm switching it for our favourite herbal tea, to see if I can partially unhook myself from the caffeine monster's claws. This morning only. Post lunchtime I'm on the hard stuff.

I'm sure this is all helping towards brighter, clearer, softer Winter skin!

This is a tea blend we first tried when visiting the Spa at Chewton Glen and it really does taste like Spa. It's not an inexpensive tea compared to Supermarket bags I'm sure, but it's worth every penny and lasts ages.

Here's a link to their London Tea House website.


Ooh the soap, I almost forgot. I tried the Olive Soap photographed at the beginning of this post, however I'm not sold. I think I will switch to Dove Soap if I can find an unperfumed one, as my skin just feels a little stripped using this Olive Soap. It's 100% natural - which is the reason I picked it but, but sadly a little too drying for my skin type.

I'll let you know how Dove Soap performs and hope there are not too many chemicals in it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - not long now!

This afternoon, I'm off to make batches of Chestnut and Butternut Squash Low Carb Soup and perhaps I'll magic up an Instant Pot Chicken Curry too, to keep us in freezer food for these cooler evenings.

*Not a sponsored post. Affiliate links provided*